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the BIGBANG WINTER SONATA (stairway to heaven)
prince fujita


For my tomodachis who wondered why I suddenly got into the K-wave. Here’s a crash course on Bigbang:

- GD - G-dragon (real name: Kwon Jiyong); he was originally my ichiban; I loved him before I knew he’s Bigbang’s riida
- YB/ Taeyang (real name: Dong Yongbae); my current ichiban; I loved him before I knew he’s Bigbang’s main vocalist
- T.O.P. - (real name: Choi Seung Hyun); Bigbang’s rapper & Jayvee’s idol
- GDxYB were born on 1988 & T.O.P. on 1987. (I feel like Demi Moore now. Cougars rule!)
- GDxYB are like TezukaXOishi . (POT much)
- One of Bigbang’s choreographer is Filipino LA-based Shaun Evaristo. Shaun & his crew, Lyle Beniga danced with YB in his PV for “Where U At“. And the girl who’s been featured in YB’s & GD’s solos is a Pinay named Aimee Lucas. . So, I think …. I …. ehmmm… someday… (I’m sure I dance way better than Aimee … lol ..*atobe mode*)

Just a bulleted 2010 BIG SHOW concert reporto & some korea chuvahness … (esp. for JV)
I’m just freakin’ lazy to write a full blown blog & as of post time it’s now exactly 1 week after the show!

> I never thought I’d go to korea at such a short notice. But yeah, I did for the sake of Bigbang! Fufu! I’m now 90% Japanese & 10& Korean. Agh! Vaness wu, where are you?
Thanks, by the way, to Reina for the ticket!

> I survived 3 days in seoul, knowing only “änyeong haseyo” . & I never even used it. Not that they spoke English. For some unknown reason, I can comprehend people speaking in tongues.
> seoul’s subway is worse than Tokyo’s. agh! It’s even super full on Sundays! Only the airport AREX train is free from fafambala pax. & there are only few stations w/ escalators & elevators. A big luggage is a no-no.

> YG is better than Johnny’s. why? Coz they had a lot of fweebies. (imagining ryoma barney)
Free BB postahs from Fila. Free snacks (w/c I didn’t get coz the line was long & I thought I had to be in line for the venue earlier). Even free nappies for the ladies. Ahm, BB wants d ladies to stay fresh. $*&^#$*(%#( Free cotton candy too. It took me several minutes to realize why there was a cotton candy booth. Sorry Daesung! But I never got myself one. Erm, just don‘t wanna eat & drink more water before the show. And lastly, a Polaroid pictorial w/ d life size standees. Thanks Fuji(-kun) !

> I couldn’t imagine how the holders for the standing front sectors would stand in line outside. But I just got in line at exactly 1.5 hrs before 6pm. I then realized later that you can just get in line when everyone starts moving in coz they’ll have to arrange everyone according to ticket numbers anyway. Just make sure your sector hasn’t entered the hall yet.

> I thought the Olympic stadium is like Tokyo dome. But the big show was just at the Gymnastics hall. The leftmost & rightmost bleachers weren’t filled up anymore. C’mon YG, u can do better than that. Get the World cup stadium for Pete’s sake. Your boys have to fly higher.

> For someone who has watched a lot of JE concerts & has been to one personally, their stage just looked normal. But thank god, the boys dressed normally. OF COURSE, BIGBANG IS NOT A TYPICAL BOYBAND AFTER ALL. (in caps lock) No flamboyant costumes. No feathers. No sequins. No shining, shimmering splendid attires. They were just fashionably cute guys. That’s why I love Bigbang!

> One thing why I like Bigbang is the mere talent itself. It’s not an Ohno Satoshi ft. Sho Sakurai song when there are actually 5 guys singing. Nor an Okura band when there are 7 guys. I love the fact that a cappella wouldn’t hurt its own ego not to mention that they’re a hip hop/’R ‘n B boy band.

> For the life of me, I failed in remembering the whole set, much less take down notes. The intro had them come down from the ceiling via elevators. The stage design was just simple with a wide screen as backdrop while two screens were on either side of the stage. I just recently learned that YouJam Studio did their stage design & for other artists’ concerts too.

> For the intro, they wore formal attires with black pants, black inner shirt & white blazers in different cuts. In full Kabaji mode, I forgot the first song. FAILED! But then again, I won’t talk about the set list as some fans have already written about it. All I remember was the MC after that. Since my YB was at the middle, he was the one put on the big, middle screen (as usual). Just there, silently standing. *^#$*^#@( …agh! (Tacchon is that you?) Of course, the serious & calm Taeyang that was once a bubbly kid. I never understood what they were talking about but Daesung was talking baka & I thought for one instant they were teasing T.O.P.

> My neck was hurting from trying to stretch it far up just to see the boys on the main stage. YouJam, I hope next time you’ll construct an elevated platform on the main stage for the benefit of those on the standing sectors. I’m imagining something like what Maverick DC did during JITB. A stage higher than the audience’s normal height would be much better. (ops, sorry, technical director speaking..fufu) Nevertheless, sectors 10 or 11 was the best place if not 5 or 6. I was in sector 10 but a bit at the middle & not near the stage’s edge. And because I was there (Atobe mode), sector 10 was the best. 90% of all formations had Taeyang in the middle as usual. So during their first center stage perf, he was the first one to walk towards us. *$^#*%#(@%))#%@ kyaaaa! My ichiban right in front of my naked eyes. I have wished for him to take off his shirt. Amf! But I guess, it would take a solo con for you to do that, huh. & again, because I was in sector 10, GD was on YB’s right. Agh, right in front of me! & TOP ? Yes, he was on YB’s left. #%&#@^@#%@() DROOLS on the floor. Fangurls were pushing each other and as much as I want to scream, nothing came out from mah poor vocal chords. I guess mother nature has her way of protecting my innocent body parts.

> Taeyang did his moon walk & my voice was still in shock for all I did was stare at him. GD looked so innocent and thin beside TOP & YB. Lol! Sorry fangurls, I wouldn’t be able to mention much about Daesung & Seung-ri.

> The solos started and Seung-ri went first as far as I can remember. Too bad, YB did his solo on the second stage far from me. How dare he! T.O.P. did his angst song sans the baseball bat-smashing-the-phone booth-glass effect from last year. Buuuut … in the end… he played the harmonica! And so now Jayvee, I’ll really start playing my harmonica after 22 years of its existence. I’ve been wondering where he got his voice. It’s unlike the hardcore vocalists from
J-rock or US underground rock/hiphop. I just realized later on that he reminds me of my fave Ja-Rule. Well, just relating something. He also unveiled his PV for his latest song “Turn it up”. I  just learned that his fave toy Be@rbrick was in that PV. Aww TOP, what I liked about that PV was you in the coffee mug. *drinks more coffee*

> I think YGs technical director has a lot to learn from Johnny’s. Well, not that the Olympic hall can compare to Tokyo dome or Kyocera. Or that YG’s tech director isn’t as gay as JE is. Or that YG is as gay as Johnny. There were fireworks from the ceiling anyway, and a few rope stunts. I believe it was on the second set that they tried to fly. The time when I fell in love with TOP’s look (sorry Jayvee) that I forgot YB was in front of me. TOP was wearing a green trench coat, like the one from Iris’ Ep. 7. I noticed a cane suspended on air & wondered why he was approaching it. And behold, with 1 hand, he grasped it and the suspension wires dragged him to the bleacher audience on his right. “Öh TOP, don’t fall please. Jayvee’s gonna kill me.“ A sudden TOP concern shocked me that I fail to notice YB rising on the crane in front of me. Gyaaaaaaaa! The crane was hovering on top of me that I never really had a chance to catch a glimpse on GD doing the same thing as TOP on the other side of the hall. But composed as he usually is, YB was just waving & smiling. Agh, the famous 3 in front. Daesung & Seung-ri went to the bleachers and shook hands with the audience. So much was going on with YB on top of me, erm, on the crane, and T.O.P. coming down from his short flight that I failed to notice his MASK. THE MASK. Sorry JV! The black studded mask was on his chin all along and I only saw it up close for a minute or less. He even made a “high five” with the girl in front of the stage. Amf, if it was me, I would’ve pulled him down the stage and smothered him.

> oh, I almost forgot. Before the 2nd set, Sandara & 2NE1 performed 2 songs & a bit of MC. Sandara’s voice still doesn’t impress me. She really can’t sing.

> I really failed in remembering all the songs, but the experience was worth it. As i said in an earlier post, seeing YB, GD & T.O.P within arms reach was amazing. Now, if YB just took off his shirt…. Tsk! Tsk! But at least I saw his muscles up close. And he shaved his armpit!

> & lastly… korea is no BL country. & I’ve already forgotten the days when I like seeing a guy & a girl makeout on screen. Girls paired with my ichibans are pure fuss. Can YB be as open as GD? Or does GD wiping Seung-ri’s face count? Well, if they’ll do that in Japan next week, it
would be a winner. YBxGDxT.O.P. would be epic win!

@ Jayvee, i was supposed to buy a T.O.P. double faced keychain for you. But then again i thought, you wouldn't buy it coz it was too fangirly. I didn't think you'll place TOP on your bag. But ops, i was wrong. i exchanged it with YB instead coz i already paid for it & explaining to obachan why i want my money back would be korean hairbleed.
That flower light thingy is actually a flashlight. The headlamp cover is just shaped like a flower with a BIGBANG insignia.
Agh fangurl lost to fanboy ~~ *:D

i finally found these boys after the concert.

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a date with toma

hmm... last year i promised to go to this place when i'll be in japan. i even posted in toma's comms. and i recently awarded myself that pleasure. hope you gals could go there too, if you haven't ,,,


 i wanna live @ this place


on to toma worshipCollapse )


a sizzling night with okura
tatsu nips
ops... sorry for misleading you ;xD.. i also thought it was true.. but at least i had the best time of my life staying at this hotel. just wanna share everything okura branded.  and i'm looking forward to more nights in here and at any other okura bed around the world.

let's find happiness inside tacchon's EdenCollapse )

May 26 - A dinner date with Aiba-chan
kamiyama blow
Ever since i came to know about Aiba's family restaurant, i promised myself to go there as soon as possible. And I fulfilled that promise on the fateful day of may 26. Days before flying to Japan, i wanted to list down the resto’s direction but to no avail. i just didn't have the luxury of time. i may not have gone to TODAI or Keio, not even JAXA, but i would never miss KEIKAROU. After fangurling at Fuji TV and TV Asahi/Roponggi, I immediately set out to Chiba for my dinner with Aibaka-chan. Thank God, Stef was so fast in giving me the directions to Aiba’s place. I love Japan’s saikou mobile network and the fangurls online who are providing detailed infos. That was actually the only time that I knew of the resto’s real name. (Or I may have known it before but was just in Guia-amnesia mode ???) And as I’ve told my friends during the past days of my trip, there are just so many people in Japan that riding the train is like running for your life. I wanted to arrive at the resto just in time for dinner but not too beaten from the train ride. Makuharingo is a bit far from Tokyo even if the train chart promises a fast journey. It’s all because of the norikai, waiting and everything. As instructed, I walked straight out from Makuharingo station and turned left down the bridge. I crossed the intersection and voila… the restaurant must be there. Ehhhh??? I finally spotted a place that looked like a resto and proudly asked a school girl if my instinct was right. I was proud of my Nihonggo question but was amused that she answered me in English. No language barrier indeed! There was a vending machine outside the resto (like it’s something new in Japan??). But I would’ve thought that it should be classy or something, so vending machines should be out of site. Another vending machine near the door greeted me. I was actually in doubt that it was Aiba’s resto. All I knew was that it was Keikarou. Only 2 tables were filled when I arrived. The menu, like all other smaller establishments in Japan, was all written in Japanese characters. Thank God for the photos, they never failed me. Two fangurls and a fangay arrived and sat on the table at my left. They were taking photos of everything, which actually erased my doubt that it wasn’t Aiba’s resto. They took photos of stuffs near the entrance door and I wondered what those could be. The funny thing was, 4 guys, in suits, arrived. My suspicious mind was wondering if they were Aiba’s fan boys. But then again, I still thought that they must like the food at the resto and are working nearby, such that a dinner after work is a reward after a day’s job. I ordered sea gyoza and it, too, didn’t fail me. I so so loved it! Oishi desu ne! Though it was a bit oily for my standard but nevertheless, spending an hour or so on a train ride just to eat gyoza is fair enough. The resto is just small which indeed makes it a family restaurant. Or should I say lovers’ resto? Naaah, if the lights were dim, it would’ve been a romantic place. It reminded me of 10 Dove St. @ Sto. Niño Village Cebu City. I think there were only 8 tables, 4 of which have couches and placed on either sides of the room. Upon leaving the resto, I took my chance to discover what those fangurls were so busy about by the door. And the baka me just discovered that Masaki’s shrine was there! Why haven’t I discovered it when I arrived??? Uhuhuhu! Was I that hungry that I immediately sat on the table?! There was an Arashi photo frame on the right drawer upon entering the place. So remember to look at both sides once you enter the door. But i really wondered why MJ aka Bito was at the center of the photo when it was supposedly Aiba's big day! Hmph!Cookies and mini cakes were also displayed. A pack of 5 or something cost around 500 yen. I think they were mooncakes. “To buy or not to buy ???” I ended up not buying anything, At the left side of the door, on the wall behind the waiting chairs, was Aiba’s poster made out of mini photos of him.

The Masaki shrine

The obachan waiting by the chair was amused at me that I ended up hiding my real fangurl mode. There were also 2 notebooks where you could write you message to Aiba. All the messages were written in those complicated characters and I was so proud to be the one writing in English. I should’ve remembered one fangurl who said that there was a notebook. I came unprepared and ended up missing some things to say to Aiba. Well Aiba-chan, I shall return.

with a tummy full of sea gyoza

The dinner was well worth it. The price was not bad enough and was just the usual resto price in Japan. The road to the place is still vivid in my memory and I could just go back there like it’s my local neighborhood. But then again, the trains are full up to the magnetic strip!. I have never seen a train so full such that the commuters’ faces are already stuck on the glass door.

and again, more pics can be found @ mayheM's abode

A Tacchon-biased Eito con report
June 1 , 2009 - my first kanjani 8 concert ( & 1st japan concert ever)

“A Tacchon-biased eito con report”


“For the sake of my green ranger, pretty boy Tacchon, I shall go back to Tokyo to see him”. ufuufufu! That must have been my motto when I decided not to watch the May 23 Sendai concert. When I planned my leave months ago, I never knew Kanjani8 will be having a Puzzle tour concert. And it suddenly hit me that their concerts coincided with my Japan vacation. I was indeed a happy fangurl as I’d finally be seeing Tacchon. The only problem was - I had no ticket. Days and sleepless nights were spent just to search for 1 freakin’ ticket. (Agh this sounds like a treasure hunt in the Pirates of the Carribean). Thanks to the gurls at K8 LJ comm, neitaro@LJ and Barbie for helping me out. My SFC bro Erwin and SFC sis May finally got me a ticket 8 days before the concert. That was actually the day that the ticket for June 1 con was released by the ticket agencies. They searched everywhere at Shibuya just to find me Tacchon. Ufufufufu….. *bows down* They searched all Lawsons stores and found none. They finally got it @ Family Mart. Family Mart aisheteru! Originally, I’d still be in Osaka by June1, but because of this high profile turn of events, I had to go back to Tokyo. What would happen to Nei’s, Nyel’s & Jina’s con goods? And what would happen to me??? Chances like this should never be wasted.

Off I went to Tokyo via Shinkansen from Osaka. At almost 14,000(ma)Yen worth of Shinakensen power, I arrived around one-nish and feared that the rain would indeed pour hard. Have I mentioned that I’m a rainmaker ala Satoshi Ohno? Agh, 30 minutes before arriving @ Tokyo, it started raining. Pak! Neitaro probably forgot to offer eggs.

At 1500 hrs., the premises of Tokyo Dome was full of Eito fangurls dressed in renjaa costumes, the painful Japanese super high heeled fashion or just the normal trendy attire like mine. But I am the rainmaker, right? I came with rain so Tokyo dome was shielding itself from the rain but not the fangurls. I was hurriedly on a plight to buy an umbrella. But if you know Japanese umbrellas, the small ones are not really made for rain. The rain umbrellas are the big, transparent ones which I have no plans to bring. After half an hour of meaningless Engrish/Nihonggo negotiations, the rain finally took pity on my poor soul that it stopped. I finally bought Nei’s orders of everything Shota. If Lola Johnny took note of everything that I bought, I swear on his girly a%& that among the 55,000 or so fans that day, I spent the most on his con goods. With 4 K8 shirts @ 2700 Yen each alone, I made Lola Johnny a notch richer. And whoever that friend of Nei is, I thank her for suddenly deciding to buy the Eco bag. If she didn’t ask me to buy that Eco bag, what could’ve happened to me with all those stuffs. Ufufufu!

Looking at all the fangurls in sexy, weird, daring and WTF costumes, it suddenly dawned on me that having my fangurl friends would be more exciting. I spent the remaining hours before the con emailing with them. I so love Japan’s mobile network! Saikou! You can email for free and it kept me updated with my fangurlfriends spammer circle. I was shocked to see little girls watching the con. Of all the years I’ve spent watching concerts I’ve never seen girls as little as 5 years old or younger in a concert. And these girls in ranger costumes were accompanied by their moms. There were even 2 girls who were with both mom & dad. Ehhh? The dad is an Eito fan! Stef & Shine were right. The moms were the fangurls and they just brought their daughters in costumes as mascots. Ufufufu! I so envied this little one who was dressed Okura everything. She had a green dress, a green shoulder bag with a “ëito” label and her hair was tied with a green ribbon. Well, I just thought she was mine & Tacchón’s daughter.

Uwaah! Mama-san fangurling on Eitos!

I love Japan coz they’re always “before time“. (But I didn’t like this when I was with a Japanese company…ufufufu). The dome gates finally opened before 1630 hrs. For someone who didn’t understand all the Kanjis written on her ticket, I finally sat on my seat at Gate 41, aisle 9, row 15 and seat 90. Phew! Even if I almost hit the rooftop, it was a good row as it’s at the middle. I was actually the first one on my row. Hands down to me! From Dubai to Osaka to Okinawa to Tokyo. I’m addicted to something I can’t tell you. Could it be Tacchon’s ass???

The con staffu carrying a “no keitai & video cameras” sign kept passing across my row. *evil plans* That day was the only time that I’ve been emailing my fangurl friends so much. My fingers hurt from giving them the blow-by-blow account. In the end, my phone died before it even heard the Eitos first word. Poor phone! My seatmates on my right finally arrived. The one on my side was bringing a Tacchon uchiwa. Hmph! With eyebrows crossed, I then reported to Shine. *Papa can you hear me?* After like almost an hour, the lady beside me asked if I was alone. And she was all “sugoi” to me to learn that I’m from the Philippines and alone for that matter. I told her I’m actually from Dubai but she didn’t know where the heck it is. We then discovered that Okura is our ichiban. I was shocked when she revealed, “This is my daughter!” (pointing to the girl beside her) Pak! I was aghast but to the more positive level. Uwaaaaah!!!! Her daughter was a Shota fangurl and I told them about Nei who let me bought Yassu’s goods. I didn’t buy a Tacchon uchiwa so mama-san lent me the uchiwa she made for Tacchon since she bought a new one. The more shocked I got when she told me she’s 41 years old! Sugoi ne! She’s almost double my age but was wearing a micro skirt, knee high boots and backless halter top. I really wondered if I’d reach that age, would I still be a fangurl and support or coerce my daughter to be one too? She sent me 2 Tacchon pics from her mobile and would have given more but I thought it too bothersome for us since my PDA was kind'á sick that time. She had, for crying out loud, loads of Okura’s goodness on her mobile phone. WTF ! Admittedly, she’s one hot momma who doesn’t look like her age. Well, the Japanese actually look younger than their real age yah. Guia, time for Oolong tea all day long.

I described to the girls online how lucky I was, at least, since one stage was across me. But looking at the center stage with Eito colored clothes, I was a bit hesitant since Green was on the other side away from my eyesight. I had a feeling that they'll emerge somewhere behind those clothes. In that case, I can't see Tacchon appear for the first time that night.

view from the top


when the light goes out....

.... temptation sets in

@ 1830 hrs., like all other reports, the concert started with a video of the Gorilla thingy. Ufufufu, the renjaas oh-crying Hina as the natural gorilla. I’m sorry Nei, I have to say this now, I forgot a few songs they sang at which points. Unlike other fangurls, I didn’t bring any notebook or whatever. I don’t take notes in technical seminars nor would I bring one in a concert. How could I enjoy Tacchon’s a$& if I’m writing???!

BTW, Several fangurls have written complete reports so there's no point in repeating everything they've said. This is just on a different angle.

I wanted to shout Tacchon the whole night but it seemed that the other gurls also wanted to listen to their songs properly. Ufufufu! I didn’t want uchiwas flying on me. Mama-san’s daughter was also screaming Sho-chan so I did my part in screaming Tacchon. Mama-san was all too focused in her binoculars with an Okura uchiwa on her right hand. For sure she was viewing Tacchon’s goodness. She didn’t let her binoculars out of her hands. Not even let her daughter or me borrow it for 1 freakin’ second! At least I had her Tacchon uchiwa that’s decorated with green foil garlands on the edges. I wonder if I can ever make one. With 3 husbands now, it’s really difficult to see all their oishi-ness. Gambarre Mrs Ikuta-Sakurai-Okura!

The eitos finally appeared with Puzzle theme song. I’ve told my friends before and I declare it again, that the JE con directors are my idols. With all the disappearances and sudden “äpparitions” on stage at split second intervals and distant stage blockings, they have the audience gasping for more surprises. But then again, it’s only obvious for someone like me who does the same things.

Musekinin Hero & Kanfu Fighting were next. Because the director was my idol, I loved the 4th number when Tacchon was at the middle stage with his drum set risen from the ashes. As useless, I couldn’t clearly see his oishi face but whatever, it was him. If I correctly remember it to be the first Subaru band number, then it was Misetekure. Tacchon was rapping and I started shouting but the audience fell silent. Eeeeh??? Good gurl that I was, I stopped screaming too. They really know how to listen properly or was the audio distorted? Tsk! Tsk! I would have scared them all if I went ballistic screaming Tacchon ‘til my lungs collapse. One of my fave songs Heavenly Psycho found its way on the show’s first part. For a click of a second, the rangers started their Kanjani(sai)-ben introductions. I screamed at everything Tacchon said without understanding what he was talking about. Maru caught my attention as he was his baka and hyper self again. *Irizhia are you listening?*

The “solos” they later sang were only the duets and trios from the album. Glorious was sexy. (of course my Tacchon was there) Kicyu was all too funny with Yoko as always and blondie permed Yassu. Nei was hyperventilating when she learned that her Shota was blondie again. I always reminded her that he was also permed. “You can see” with Maru and Hina was like a baka suspense thriller coz I saw the PV first and had my mind set on it. Irizhia would have screamed seeing Maru in that sexy suit. Yah right, “the fur on Maru’s neck“!

The Eito renjaa skit nearly drained my memory card. It was, as always, a 75% Yoko MC. Every fangurl must have already known what goes on in this skit for all their concerts in this tour. It’s just great seeing it personally though. Yoko desperately imitating Subaru’s voice was priceless and all too cute that I wanna pinch his cheeks. He sounded like a wailing baby and only a gallon of milk could calm him. Ah this is probably the reason why he appeared in my dream last night. Ufufufu! The howling “Misetekure” got stuck in my head. Tacchon actually told him to say it so I was kindá flaling even just for that second. There were then 2 red rangers. Maru revealed that he was already yellow ranger and Tacchon wanted to be blue ranger. If Neitaro was there, we would have re-enacted the blue/green rangers exchange of rabu2. Ufufufu! What followed were a series of baka fighting/dancing scenes ala West Side Story as everyone agrees.*i want a WSS DVD w/ Sho&Toma!* Tacchon and Yassu were on the secondary stage across my row, which made me grateful for fangurls’ sake. Their fight scene was kindá short and all I remember was my shock to see Shigotonin on the middle screen. Again, I screamed. Ops, have I forgotten Hina the gorilla? Again, nobody wanted to be Hina. I love oh-crying Hina moments. It’s always priceless. I wonder if Erika Toda was in any of their shows. Haha! The original rangers; Blue, Yellow and Red, rode on the left moving stage while reading the letter from the impersonators. Yoko/Maru/Tacchon’s faces were shown on the big screen which was all too cute. Hina finally moved to the center stage begging for all the attention he could get. It was just all too funny. They then assembled the puzzle pieces they found. There was a camera on the box so the audience could see how it was assembled. Each piece actually had each of their faces. Hina placed the last one and it eventually made up the whole puzzle.

Just like any other song, I haven’t memorized all the Eito song titles. It’s just like remembering “Bayang magiliw” instead of “Lupang Hinirang”. What followed were 2 songs I like but just can’t spell the title from my tounge. Gomen fangurlfriends. There's a report with the complete repertoire. All I remember was the ring of fire on the middle stage. I got so addicted to it that I wanted to dive into it. Fire and Tacchon both made me uber ho-ho-hooot! What followed were a couple of slow songs including Osaka Rainy Blues. I love this song’s PV. Dancing on the rain… wet Tacchon.. it’s just too much. Anyway, whatever happened to Yoko, Maru and Yassu? Irizhia & Neitaro would surely kill me. Ahhhm, hmmm….. they….. Later gurls…please don’t pressure my Tacchon-filtered memory.

Sukiyanen marked the ending of the slow era. They then moved onto the moving stage near the bleachers followed by Wahaha and Otokomichi. I totally can’t remember which song it was. If it was during the 1st or 2nd half, but something adorkable & memorable happened to Tacchon. They just convened at the middle secondary stage and all the eitos waved at the audience like there’s no tomorrow. But, there’s always gonna be dance steps, right. If Yarrachi choreographed all their moves, he must have wanted them to dance all the way. Everyone lined up side by side but alas… someone on the leftmost part beside Yoko was missing. I totally fainted to see that Tacchon was in all his glory waving at my area and Yoko, who must have been horrified, pulled him into the formation. Uwaaaah! Tacchon was definitely searching for me and forgot all the dance blockings! *fangurls throwing buckets @ me* It was just too epic I almost cried.

Going back to the MC *kamiyama* portion, Yoko, as always, was THE MC. Listening to Nihonggo is just like becoming a baby again - listening to a world you feel you understand but you actually don’t. Seatmate mama-san finally translated 5% of what they were talking. She too was baby-talking with me in English. Nosebleed! Neitaro have to thank hot okachan for this info. Well after all, Yassu’s her daughter’s ichiban. Shota talked about her older sister giving birth at 1800 hrs. before the concert started. Hmmm, I should’ve asked Yassu if it was a girl or a boy and at which hospital so Nei-chan could visit his niece/nephew. Or maybe….. maybe… he really told the audience and baka me just didn’t get it. Sorry Nei, I didn’t finish my Level 4 class.

They also called a Kansai Jr. guest Yuki. Oh I’m now having Guia-amnesia mode. Was it Yui Nakayuma? I'm so lazy to search my magazines. I honestly remembered his name last week but with all the Tacchon stuffs going on, my selective brain can’t accommodate him anymore. I’m sure the other reports would spell his complete name. The June 2 MC actually got me broken hearted as my Sho-chi ran into the stage with a Yoko uchiwa. I already had this slight tingling in my heart that Sho would guest during the last show’s MC. But my schedule can’t anymore permit another Japan holiday delay. Maybe Tacchon was praying that I really won’t see Sho. Seeing both my winter and spring ichiban on 1 stage would be pure heaven. How much more if Toma was there too? I would totally dive into the stage, I swear on Lola Johnny’s s#$$^^ that I really would.

The Eitos reminded me of one of my fave mantras, “Save the best for last”. More Subaru band perfs were played at the last part. When Tacchon banged the drums, my digicam declared “memory full”. I almost threw my tantrums I thought I never had. I wanted to cry as all my 3 gadgets were brain dead. The center screens showed drummer Tacchon, bassist Maru and guitarist Yassan with all their powers. They played for more than a couple of minutes before Subaru finally sang. Was it him? *Amnesia mode again.* I almost cried during the whole 20 minutes or so that the Subaru band played, It was a relief to see Yoko and his bongo drums again. *oh-crying Yoko mode* If he didn't play, i would have cried. In all honesty, I love the band. And if irizhia wants to be the fish for Ohno, I wanna be the drums for Okura. Tacchon bang me! *please just take this literally ok*

I’ve been telling fangurls that a JE concert is totally worth the price. At 6800 yen, a 3-hr. Eito concert is worth right up to Tokyo Dome’s rooftop. It’s just the same price for a premium seat at some Craig David con but Craig doesn’t fly or do stunts. Not even Britney Spears nor Madonna. The Kylie Minogue tick I got even cost thrice but she just stayed on stage and did the diva moves. Every JE or Japanese artist fangurl should watch at least 1 concert of her ichiban in this lifetime. It’s just all too easy not to miss. I’m just praying Arashi would have a concert this year. And again, I’ll be watching a Sakurai Sho-biased concert.

Oh again, whatever happened to Yoko, Maru & Shota??? All I remember was Yassu wearing a luminous/neon green top during their last Subaru band number. With permed blond hair and neon green top, you wouldn’t miss the little boy onstage. He would always be sexy to Nei, but to me he'd always be a kid beaming as if there's no problem in this world. But i sometimes remember his evil Mikio self torturing my Tsubaki-kun! Glomps! Maru was I think wearing an orange or red top while doing the bass. Yoko was….. was …. was the baka Yoko playing the bongo drums beside Tacchon’s huge drum set.


The Eitos bid farewell twice as after every exit, we kept shouting “Ëito! Eito! Eito!” for all we care. Indeed, in all technicalities, the guys were amazingly awesome. Nei even asked me before why am I not watching both Tokyo Dome shows. I would have loved to under all circumstances but I’m not Toma who watched 2 nights of X-Japan @ the Dome.

Kanjani 8 holds the record of being the first Japanese artist that I’ve watched live. You’re lucky Eitos, to be given this high regard. I actually have high standards and you got the record. Eito saikou!

(more pics can be found @ mayheM's abode)

i conquered tokyo dome !!!
uwaaaahhhhhhhh!!! after a lot of tensions... i finally got a ticket to eito's june 1 concert... & indeed i conquered tokyo... my fangurl friends were so excited as i was also able to buy them their orders..... hmmmmm... surprises to come gurls.. i'm just so busy w/ my non-fangurl career... tsottomatte kudasai ....

but i was a bit broken hearted to know that my sho-chi guested on june 2... why tacchon why???
i would've fainted seeing tacchon & sho on the same stage... ahhh, what if toma was there too.. i'd probably dive on to the stage....
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lifeless twilight


"Ï don't have the strength to stay away from you", Toma pleaded to me. Ops, sorry. I'm supposed to be talking Hollywood now not Japanese. That's the only thing i loved about Twilight, though - Edward's supposedly romantic line to Bella. Hmm, I never thought a vampire could be that romantic. Couple it with, "You're my own brand of heroine". Amsterdam is that you? And was it supposed to get me addicted?

I was finally able to watch Twilight the other night. It's been pending in my playlist for a really long time now. And to my disappointment, it sucks!!!! Sorry fangurls, but life has been sucked out of Twilight. Catherine Hardwicke, an award-winning indie director, has her indie film style apparent in some movie scenes. But the main reason why the movie sucks is its dragging, slow paced plot that's not compatible with its vampire theme. And to think that the screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, also wrote Brokeback Mountain. I love that gay movie. I swear! I guess, Melissa's only good with forbidden love stories. So just make it real people okey, Melissa, and not vampires pretending to kill each other.

I've expected so much from this movie with all those publicity blockbuster praises. But it wasted almost 2 hours of my time. I like Paramore's OST video even more than the movie itself. The cast was good but there wasn't that much chemistry between them and the script. The transition between story lines were for elementary kids. Though the baseball scene was cool and it was my first time to see such scene. Yet still Kung Fu hassle is tops. The last and only vampire fighting scene looked like we're in the 80's era of filmmaking. C'mon Hollywood, is that all you've got?

When i told Yrl that the movie sucks, she wanted to spill hot water on me. Fortunately, I was holding a super-heated flat iron. (don't worry, we're not really that violent). Ok, let's give her a chance. To think that she hurriedly looked for its novel version when the movie came out. And Stef ?? Wait 'til she reads this. My guestbook is always ready for violent commentaries anyway. But i'd give Stef a chance too. She introduced Robert Pattinson into my fangurl world & i thought the guy's cute. But, he's just enough to be Edward Cullen born on 1918. His face looks flat and if he's food, he's as bland as tofu is to meat eaters. But i like his vampire stares. If a kawaii guy could just look at me that way, I won't have the strength to stay away from him. lolz...


toma stalked me in germany

Jan. 1, 2009

Music: miss you by yuna Ito (yuna’s my 2nd fave female Japanese singer next to Olivia. And because it’s me, it’s no wonder that they’re both half-Japanese only. lolz!)

Hah, new year and a new promise to update my blog.

(should I tell you that it’s actually Jan.16 today? Ops… I’ll try to remember everything that happened these last 15 days) caution: some portions of this blog might bring out the high school blogger in me. Good bye student activism. I’ll find ways to bring back the kick-ass journalist mode.)

I didn’t celebrate new year like everyone else - out on the streets or at somebody else’s place binging on food & drinks. I spent new year’s eve packing clothes for I’ll celebrate my new year on air and in Hamburg. (‘di ba totyaL?)

Sassy as I can be, I made it to the flight to Hamburg. But because I’m the great Goddess MayheM, that wasn’t at all boring with just ”i made it to the flight to Hamburg”. That wouldn’t be me if there was no drama at all. After all it was new year, so it’s but right to celebrate the first day of 2009 with a bang.

I knew that this kind of thing would happen and my mind has always been conditioned for these stuffs. We’ll just blame it on the damn printers at the staff travel office. Rewinding to the previous day, the seldom-forgetful-me forgot to print my plane tickets. Alas, I only remembered it inside the shuttle on the way home so I ended up texting Guia to print my tickets. But then again, she went to the NYE party and I’m not even sure if she really printed them. Then came the big new year’s day flight and because we’re in the main EK hub, we have all the possibilities - like printing plane tickets in the airport. But damn staff travel office printers, that don’t really print all. And again, because we’re in the main EK hub, IT is always a few seconds call away. I got to credit that IT gurl for sticking by me during the call but it all ended on me solving the printer’s problem. It turned out that only 1 station out of 6 (if I remember correctly) prints on 1 specific printer out of 4.

Gomenasai for such a boring introduction, this would’ve been more exciting in a speech. Anyway, such grade school dilemma was solved 15 minutes before my plane will take off. Imagine that. And imagine maneuvering the new Dubai Airport Terminal 3. But I was wrong. It was actually maneuvering Terminal 3 and 1. Dang it! And I thought all EK flights are set to depart from the new terminal 3.Why of all flights my plane had to depart from terminal 1? Don’t fool me but it sure looked like Terminal 1. Have you ever tried running the whole stretch from the new EGHQ to the Flower centre? Top it off with 10 pounds worth of baggage on hand! If that airplane tail registration appeared in our engineering flight delay, there would only be one reason attached to it. The check-in guys even wondered why an EK staff was running and the last to check in to the flight. Well, just blame it on the damn printers. And because I’m the great Goddess, they all waited for me.

Minutes before landing on HAM, the senior steward asked me if I was ok. The suspicious me asked him why and he showed me his manifest with my name as an EK staff and was just wondering if I was on duty travel. “Hell no, I’m on vacation”. Nobody’s gonna disturb me about DUTY.

Hmm, I wondered if it was written somewhere on the manifest that I almost got the flight delayed. So I guess, this Euro tour would be all about running and catching flights after all.

Arrival @ HAMBURG, Germany

To my dismay, Hamburg airport is just small. Mactan International airport is even bigger. For the first time, I felt Europe’s recession period seeing baggage trolleys locked with each other . You’ll need a cent or something to unlock one from the batch and actually use it. Of course, why should I use one? I didn’t go strength training at the gym for nothing. (bogz! Dumbbells falling on my head as I haven’t been to the gym for a month)

Following my research, I bought the 1-day Hamburg card for EU 8. But I found this Information counter after minutes of roaming around the airport. Imagine again, roaming more than a kilometer with more than 10 pounds of baggage. Down to the airport’s train station and I felt the German robust innovation. I would then have my first German train ride and was excited to try it. I learned beforehand that German time is really on time and it really was. But, as I always do, compared to Singapore (or HK or MNL), there was no swiping or slot machine for the train ticket before you can actually ride the train. Hmm, I realized later on, that you can actually ride on the train for free because there’s really no control at the station. But then again, it wasn’t Manila.

I arrived at HAM main train station with the main focus of walking to my hotel by just following the direction given beforehand. But sometimes, my intuition battles with my sense of direction. I ended up, hailing a taxicab and realized that my sense of direction was actually right after winning 50 meters of battle with my intuition. Good decision though, coz the hotel was actually not for walking if you’re carrying 10 pounds of baggage. My feet needed at least an hour rest for the coming walkathons.

Appartement Hotel on Wendenstraße street was cool. It was indeed like a studio apartment complete with a modern oven where the burners are actually inside the glass where you put the pans on top. Forgive this lame description, I’m an engineer who doesn’t cook so I’m not in good technical know-how with these cooking machines. There was also a coffee machine, toaster, heater, complete utensil set and the like. Ella should stay there someday. I only used the stove to heat a cold sandwich. And because it was an apartment, there was no breakfast included in the EU41/day price. The room and lockers were big enough for me. I would have given it a high rating if not for the freaking water heater. I mean, the comfort room was good, but the water heats up for a minute only and would go back to icy cold. I’m a cold blooded mammal but I’m not yet part of the family of polar bears. My hands would still get numb with that -1 degree water. On the second day, I ended up using the water heater and all the cooking pans to boil water. Sleeping in that hotel room was immaculate but showering was hell. To think that showering is one of the favorite things I do. Huhuhuh! In fairness, the first receptionist, Barbara, warmly swelcomed me and gave me some directions. The guy who manned the reception at night told me that there would be a handsome Russian guy, who speaks good English, on the next shift. And indeed I met him and he helpfully gave me the direction to the nearest metro station. But, I can’t anymore remember his Russian face. It just didn’t register deeply in my brain.

Hovering over Hamburg

I don’t know why this is entitled Hovering Hamburg but it’s just the first word that came to mind right now. I just discovered that in my itinerary, I didn’t write a title for the Hamburg leg of the trip. Hover just kind’a rhymes with Hamburg. Well, it might have been true. I was like hovering on Hamburg on the first day. I even told myself, that it was a dead city. It was as if I was the only one alive. But then again, it was new year’s day and 4pm. Haller, it was Europe in winter where the sun sleeps at 4pm. So again, at zero degree Celsius, I promised myself to start this Euro tour no matter what. I’ve always believed in my excellent (liver expands) sense of direction so I set my mind to walk back to the central train station from the hotel. From the map, it said 2.7 km, but of course it wouldn’t be true if you trace back your previous taxi ride’s direction. On the way, I saw some cool buildings and met a couple of big puppets. I ended up at Hamburg’s main train station again after a couple of hours and not really tracing back the taxi‘s route. As I always believe, that to be able to really feel the place, you have to tread the road used by its citizens and act as if you’re one of ém. And duh, I really did walk back home for more than a couple of kilometers only to discover that there’s a shorter route if you cut it by taking the “first floor” road. That part of Hamburg felt weird coz there was really a first and second floor on the road. It felt funny but cool in the end.

I spent my first Hamburg night with a Chinese dinner. I was so excited to eat whatever German sausage Glauce mentioned in her Berlin travelblog, but to my dismay I wasn’t able to find a believable resto that would cook German cuisine. I forgot what street it was, but all restos sold obara and anaps food. Like duh, I almost ran away from that street. Not here please, don’t haunt me!!!!!!! Thank god, the familiar Chinese lanterns came into view and because I was so starved I had no other choice but eat fried noodles on my first German night. Top it off with a waiter who only speaks German and Chinese. In the middle of my meal, five supposedly German guys went in but stayed a bit far from my table. I supposed they were cute based on my 250/50 vision. The paparazzi in me so much wanted to steal a shot of them (and I thought of my gift to guia). But then again, using my digicam would be obvious and my PDA’s camera has this loud “clickish” sound that you shouldn’t really use it during paparazzi operations. I was so hungry to even try to configure it back to silent mode. So Guia, no Germans for you. Bye to the 5 boylets who were unlucky I left before them. I think they’re in college so I’d just say good luck to their studies. After a kilometer of noodles and a tank of Chinese tea, I resumed my first Hamburg night out.

I always follow the Mhuyhen’s rule to never walk back along the road I came from coz using another road would always get me back to where I came from. (Why do I always think that letting Yvette do this is like telling her to love the anapels and save the world?) So there I was applying this rule and I ended up on a street with shops like, “SEXshop, SEX____, and SEX chuvahness”. Oh hell, I’m not gonna explore this street tonight. Could this be the infamous Hamburg Red light district? I have no plans discovering it tonight so off to another alternate road. After half a kilometer, I discovered the metro station I was dying to find a few hours ago when my legs were screaming “surrender”. And there I discovered the first and second floor roads of Hamburg (of course, both were connected by a staircase). Oh well, some things are learned the hard way. And to really discover a new place is to walk along the path that’s not well taken. Yosh, tomorrow would be another day.

Just when I thought, the day was over, I discovered something in my hotel room that really shocked me. There was a liquid dishwashing soap…. Ok mhuyheN, like a liquid soap would make a whole lotta freakin’ difference in your life. Yes, it really made a difference on my first Euro night coz I dreamed of Toma. That liquid soap was named “AKUTA”. Like, haller Toma stop stalking me in Germany. (fangurl flailing again). Some people might think of this as gibberish but the fandom will understand. And so I took a photo of it. Paksyeet, I just realized now that I didn’t take a photo of me with it. If the tide changes, I might order it online for some reason. I’m sure the Germany fangurls will buy the AKUTA soap and use it like it’s holy water. If I had a big luggage, I would have brought it home with me and had the hotel wondering what I was cooking to use up all that soap. And I thought this Euro tour would make me forget about Toma for even just 17 days! Day 1 and I already failed!

Ending song: Grease lightning by John Travolta (toma stalking again)

a memory of toma in hamburg with the tallest people in hamburg on a chilly night

full of tomaism
agggh ! this is my first destination when i go to japan next year... just wanna share to everyone.. i'm sure you'll fly immediately there too..... see ýa at kobe...


if u still don't know. please vote for our dear TOMA-kun as BEST ACTOR.
pls hurry as it will end on oct. 4, 2008. u can vote for toma A million times. just restart your PC every time u vote. please spread


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