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A Tacchon-biased Eito con report
June 1 , 2009 - my first kanjani 8 concert ( & 1st japan concert ever)

“A Tacchon-biased eito con report”


“For the sake of my green ranger, pretty boy Tacchon, I shall go back to Tokyo to see him”. ufuufufu! That must have been my motto when I decided not to watch the May 23 Sendai concert. When I planned my leave months ago, I never knew Kanjani8 will be having a Puzzle tour concert. And it suddenly hit me that their concerts coincided with my Japan vacation. I was indeed a happy fangurl as I’d finally be seeing Tacchon. The only problem was - I had no ticket. Days and sleepless nights were spent just to search for 1 freakin’ ticket. (Agh this sounds like a treasure hunt in the Pirates of the Carribean). Thanks to the gurls at K8 LJ comm, neitaro@LJ and Barbie for helping me out. My SFC bro Erwin and SFC sis May finally got me a ticket 8 days before the concert. That was actually the day that the ticket for June 1 con was released by the ticket agencies. They searched everywhere at Shibuya just to find me Tacchon. Ufufufufu….. *bows down* They searched all Lawsons stores and found none. They finally got it @ Family Mart. Family Mart aisheteru! Originally, I’d still be in Osaka by June1, but because of this high profile turn of events, I had to go back to Tokyo. What would happen to Nei’s, Nyel’s & Jina’s con goods? And what would happen to me??? Chances like this should never be wasted.

Off I went to Tokyo via Shinkansen from Osaka. At almost 14,000(ma)Yen worth of Shinakensen power, I arrived around one-nish and feared that the rain would indeed pour hard. Have I mentioned that I’m a rainmaker ala Satoshi Ohno? Agh, 30 minutes before arriving @ Tokyo, it started raining. Pak! Neitaro probably forgot to offer eggs.

At 1500 hrs., the premises of Tokyo Dome was full of Eito fangurls dressed in renjaa costumes, the painful Japanese super high heeled fashion or just the normal trendy attire like mine. But I am the rainmaker, right? I came with rain so Tokyo dome was shielding itself from the rain but not the fangurls. I was hurriedly on a plight to buy an umbrella. But if you know Japanese umbrellas, the small ones are not really made for rain. The rain umbrellas are the big, transparent ones which I have no plans to bring. After half an hour of meaningless Engrish/Nihonggo negotiations, the rain finally took pity on my poor soul that it stopped. I finally bought Nei’s orders of everything Shota. If Lola Johnny took note of everything that I bought, I swear on his girly a%& that among the 55,000 or so fans that day, I spent the most on his con goods. With 4 K8 shirts @ 2700 Yen each alone, I made Lola Johnny a notch richer. And whoever that friend of Nei is, I thank her for suddenly deciding to buy the Eco bag. If she didn’t ask me to buy that Eco bag, what could’ve happened to me with all those stuffs. Ufufufu!

Looking at all the fangurls in sexy, weird, daring and WTF costumes, it suddenly dawned on me that having my fangurl friends would be more exciting. I spent the remaining hours before the con emailing with them. I so love Japan’s mobile network! Saikou! You can email for free and it kept me updated with my fangurlfriends spammer circle. I was shocked to see little girls watching the con. Of all the years I’ve spent watching concerts I’ve never seen girls as little as 5 years old or younger in a concert. And these girls in ranger costumes were accompanied by their moms. There were even 2 girls who were with both mom & dad. Ehhh? The dad is an Eito fan! Stef & Shine were right. The moms were the fangurls and they just brought their daughters in costumes as mascots. Ufufufu! I so envied this little one who was dressed Okura everything. She had a green dress, a green shoulder bag with a “ëito” label and her hair was tied with a green ribbon. Well, I just thought she was mine & Tacchón’s daughter.

Uwaah! Mama-san fangurling on Eitos!

I love Japan coz they’re always “before time“. (But I didn’t like this when I was with a Japanese company…ufufufu). The dome gates finally opened before 1630 hrs. For someone who didn’t understand all the Kanjis written on her ticket, I finally sat on my seat at Gate 41, aisle 9, row 15 and seat 90. Phew! Even if I almost hit the rooftop, it was a good row as it’s at the middle. I was actually the first one on my row. Hands down to me! From Dubai to Osaka to Okinawa to Tokyo. I’m addicted to something I can’t tell you. Could it be Tacchon’s ass???

The con staffu carrying a “no keitai & video cameras” sign kept passing across my row. *evil plans* That day was the only time that I’ve been emailing my fangurl friends so much. My fingers hurt from giving them the blow-by-blow account. In the end, my phone died before it even heard the Eitos first word. Poor phone! My seatmates on my right finally arrived. The one on my side was bringing a Tacchon uchiwa. Hmph! With eyebrows crossed, I then reported to Shine. *Papa can you hear me?* After like almost an hour, the lady beside me asked if I was alone. And she was all “sugoi” to me to learn that I’m from the Philippines and alone for that matter. I told her I’m actually from Dubai but she didn’t know where the heck it is. We then discovered that Okura is our ichiban. I was shocked when she revealed, “This is my daughter!” (pointing to the girl beside her) Pak! I was aghast but to the more positive level. Uwaaaaah!!!! Her daughter was a Shota fangurl and I told them about Nei who let me bought Yassu’s goods. I didn’t buy a Tacchon uchiwa so mama-san lent me the uchiwa she made for Tacchon since she bought a new one. The more shocked I got when she told me she’s 41 years old! Sugoi ne! She’s almost double my age but was wearing a micro skirt, knee high boots and backless halter top. I really wondered if I’d reach that age, would I still be a fangurl and support or coerce my daughter to be one too? She sent me 2 Tacchon pics from her mobile and would have given more but I thought it too bothersome for us since my PDA was kind'á sick that time. She had, for crying out loud, loads of Okura’s goodness on her mobile phone. WTF ! Admittedly, she’s one hot momma who doesn’t look like her age. Well, the Japanese actually look younger than their real age yah. Guia, time for Oolong tea all day long.

I described to the girls online how lucky I was, at least, since one stage was across me. But looking at the center stage with Eito colored clothes, I was a bit hesitant since Green was on the other side away from my eyesight. I had a feeling that they'll emerge somewhere behind those clothes. In that case, I can't see Tacchon appear for the first time that night.

view from the top


when the light goes out....

.... temptation sets in

@ 1830 hrs., like all other reports, the concert started with a video of the Gorilla thingy. Ufufufu, the renjaas oh-crying Hina as the natural gorilla. I’m sorry Nei, I have to say this now, I forgot a few songs they sang at which points. Unlike other fangurls, I didn’t bring any notebook or whatever. I don’t take notes in technical seminars nor would I bring one in a concert. How could I enjoy Tacchon’s a$& if I’m writing???!

BTW, Several fangurls have written complete reports so there's no point in repeating everything they've said. This is just on a different angle.

I wanted to shout Tacchon the whole night but it seemed that the other gurls also wanted to listen to their songs properly. Ufufufu! I didn’t want uchiwas flying on me. Mama-san’s daughter was also screaming Sho-chan so I did my part in screaming Tacchon. Mama-san was all too focused in her binoculars with an Okura uchiwa on her right hand. For sure she was viewing Tacchon’s goodness. She didn’t let her binoculars out of her hands. Not even let her daughter or me borrow it for 1 freakin’ second! At least I had her Tacchon uchiwa that’s decorated with green foil garlands on the edges. I wonder if I can ever make one. With 3 husbands now, it’s really difficult to see all their oishi-ness. Gambarre Mrs Ikuta-Sakurai-Okura!

The eitos finally appeared with Puzzle theme song. I’ve told my friends before and I declare it again, that the JE con directors are my idols. With all the disappearances and sudden “äpparitions” on stage at split second intervals and distant stage blockings, they have the audience gasping for more surprises. But then again, it’s only obvious for someone like me who does the same things.

Musekinin Hero & Kanfu Fighting were next. Because the director was my idol, I loved the 4th number when Tacchon was at the middle stage with his drum set risen from the ashes. As useless, I couldn’t clearly see his oishi face but whatever, it was him. If I correctly remember it to be the first Subaru band number, then it was Misetekure. Tacchon was rapping and I started shouting but the audience fell silent. Eeeeh??? Good gurl that I was, I stopped screaming too. They really know how to listen properly or was the audio distorted? Tsk! Tsk! I would have scared them all if I went ballistic screaming Tacchon ‘til my lungs collapse. One of my fave songs Heavenly Psycho found its way on the show’s first part. For a click of a second, the rangers started their Kanjani(sai)-ben introductions. I screamed at everything Tacchon said without understanding what he was talking about. Maru caught my attention as he was his baka and hyper self again. *Irizhia are you listening?*

The “solos” they later sang were only the duets and trios from the album. Glorious was sexy. (of course my Tacchon was there) Kicyu was all too funny with Yoko as always and blondie permed Yassu. Nei was hyperventilating when she learned that her Shota was blondie again. I always reminded her that he was also permed. “You can see” with Maru and Hina was like a baka suspense thriller coz I saw the PV first and had my mind set on it. Irizhia would have screamed seeing Maru in that sexy suit. Yah right, “the fur on Maru’s neck“!

The Eito renjaa skit nearly drained my memory card. It was, as always, a 75% Yoko MC. Every fangurl must have already known what goes on in this skit for all their concerts in this tour. It’s just great seeing it personally though. Yoko desperately imitating Subaru’s voice was priceless and all too cute that I wanna pinch his cheeks. He sounded like a wailing baby and only a gallon of milk could calm him. Ah this is probably the reason why he appeared in my dream last night. Ufufufu! The howling “Misetekure” got stuck in my head. Tacchon actually told him to say it so I was kindá flaling even just for that second. There were then 2 red rangers. Maru revealed that he was already yellow ranger and Tacchon wanted to be blue ranger. If Neitaro was there, we would have re-enacted the blue/green rangers exchange of rabu2. Ufufufu! What followed were a series of baka fighting/dancing scenes ala West Side Story as everyone agrees.*i want a WSS DVD w/ Sho&Toma!* Tacchon and Yassu were on the secondary stage across my row, which made me grateful for fangurls’ sake. Their fight scene was kindá short and all I remember was my shock to see Shigotonin on the middle screen. Again, I screamed. Ops, have I forgotten Hina the gorilla? Again, nobody wanted to be Hina. I love oh-crying Hina moments. It’s always priceless. I wonder if Erika Toda was in any of their shows. Haha! The original rangers; Blue, Yellow and Red, rode on the left moving stage while reading the letter from the impersonators. Yoko/Maru/Tacchon’s faces were shown on the big screen which was all too cute. Hina finally moved to the center stage begging for all the attention he could get. It was just all too funny. They then assembled the puzzle pieces they found. There was a camera on the box so the audience could see how it was assembled. Each piece actually had each of their faces. Hina placed the last one and it eventually made up the whole puzzle.

Just like any other song, I haven’t memorized all the Eito song titles. It’s just like remembering “Bayang magiliw” instead of “Lupang Hinirang”. What followed were 2 songs I like but just can’t spell the title from my tounge. Gomen fangurlfriends. There's a report with the complete repertoire. All I remember was the ring of fire on the middle stage. I got so addicted to it that I wanted to dive into it. Fire and Tacchon both made me uber ho-ho-hooot! What followed were a couple of slow songs including Osaka Rainy Blues. I love this song’s PV. Dancing on the rain… wet Tacchon.. it’s just too much. Anyway, whatever happened to Yoko, Maru and Yassu? Irizhia & Neitaro would surely kill me. Ahhhm, hmmm….. they….. Later gurls…please don’t pressure my Tacchon-filtered memory.

Sukiyanen marked the ending of the slow era. They then moved onto the moving stage near the bleachers followed by Wahaha and Otokomichi. I totally can’t remember which song it was. If it was during the 1st or 2nd half, but something adorkable & memorable happened to Tacchon. They just convened at the middle secondary stage and all the eitos waved at the audience like there’s no tomorrow. But, there’s always gonna be dance steps, right. If Yarrachi choreographed all their moves, he must have wanted them to dance all the way. Everyone lined up side by side but alas… someone on the leftmost part beside Yoko was missing. I totally fainted to see that Tacchon was in all his glory waving at my area and Yoko, who must have been horrified, pulled him into the formation. Uwaaaah! Tacchon was definitely searching for me and forgot all the dance blockings! *fangurls throwing buckets @ me* It was just too epic I almost cried.

Going back to the MC *kamiyama* portion, Yoko, as always, was THE MC. Listening to Nihonggo is just like becoming a baby again - listening to a world you feel you understand but you actually don’t. Seatmate mama-san finally translated 5% of what they were talking. She too was baby-talking with me in English. Nosebleed! Neitaro have to thank hot okachan for this info. Well after all, Yassu’s her daughter’s ichiban. Shota talked about her older sister giving birth at 1800 hrs. before the concert started. Hmmm, I should’ve asked Yassu if it was a girl or a boy and at which hospital so Nei-chan could visit his niece/nephew. Or maybe….. maybe… he really told the audience and baka me just didn’t get it. Sorry Nei, I didn’t finish my Level 4 class.

They also called a Kansai Jr. guest Yuki. Oh I’m now having Guia-amnesia mode. Was it Yui Nakayuma? I'm so lazy to search my magazines. I honestly remembered his name last week but with all the Tacchon stuffs going on, my selective brain can’t accommodate him anymore. I’m sure the other reports would spell his complete name. The June 2 MC actually got me broken hearted as my Sho-chi ran into the stage with a Yoko uchiwa. I already had this slight tingling in my heart that Sho would guest during the last show’s MC. But my schedule can’t anymore permit another Japan holiday delay. Maybe Tacchon was praying that I really won’t see Sho. Seeing both my winter and spring ichiban on 1 stage would be pure heaven. How much more if Toma was there too? I would totally dive into the stage, I swear on Lola Johnny’s s#$$^^ that I really would.

The Eitos reminded me of one of my fave mantras, “Save the best for last”. More Subaru band perfs were played at the last part. When Tacchon banged the drums, my digicam declared “memory full”. I almost threw my tantrums I thought I never had. I wanted to cry as all my 3 gadgets were brain dead. The center screens showed drummer Tacchon, bassist Maru and guitarist Yassan with all their powers. They played for more than a couple of minutes before Subaru finally sang. Was it him? *Amnesia mode again.* I almost cried during the whole 20 minutes or so that the Subaru band played, It was a relief to see Yoko and his bongo drums again. *oh-crying Yoko mode* If he didn't play, i would have cried. In all honesty, I love the band. And if irizhia wants to be the fish for Ohno, I wanna be the drums for Okura. Tacchon bang me! *please just take this literally ok*

I’ve been telling fangurls that a JE concert is totally worth the price. At 6800 yen, a 3-hr. Eito concert is worth right up to Tokyo Dome’s rooftop. It’s just the same price for a premium seat at some Craig David con but Craig doesn’t fly or do stunts. Not even Britney Spears nor Madonna. The Kylie Minogue tick I got even cost thrice but she just stayed on stage and did the diva moves. Every JE or Japanese artist fangurl should watch at least 1 concert of her ichiban in this lifetime. It’s just all too easy not to miss. I’m just praying Arashi would have a concert this year. And again, I’ll be watching a Sakurai Sho-biased concert.

Oh again, whatever happened to Yoko, Maru & Shota??? All I remember was Yassu wearing a luminous/neon green top during their last Subaru band number. With permed blond hair and neon green top, you wouldn’t miss the little boy onstage. He would always be sexy to Nei, but to me he'd always be a kid beaming as if there's no problem in this world. But i sometimes remember his evil Mikio self torturing my Tsubaki-kun! Glomps! Maru was I think wearing an orange or red top while doing the bass. Yoko was….. was …. was the baka Yoko playing the bongo drums beside Tacchon’s huge drum set.


The Eitos bid farewell twice as after every exit, we kept shouting “Ëito! Eito! Eito!” for all we care. Indeed, in all technicalities, the guys were amazingly awesome. Nei even asked me before why am I not watching both Tokyo Dome shows. I would have loved to under all circumstances but I’m not Toma who watched 2 nights of X-Japan @ the Dome.

Kanjani 8 holds the record of being the first Japanese artist that I’ve watched live. You’re lucky Eitos, to be given this high regard. I actually have high standards and you got the record. Eito saikou!

(more pics can be found @ mayheM's abode)

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And if irizhia wants to be the fish for Ohno, I wanna be the drums for Okura. Tacchon bang me! *please just take this literally ok


and owaaaa pics *O*

haha! "tacchon don't bang the poor drums please" ..ohhh, i can be the bass drum - the one he constantly bangs... you ?

Uwaaa~ Lucky you~ I'm still a student--a trapped one, that's why I can't go outside the country... LOLA Johnny made my brain dead XD Luck must love you a whole lot that fate gave you a chance to be friends with mama-san. Are the Japanese really that friendly towards foreigners? ;)

I really have and want to see their concert at least once in my life D;

heehee... well, i might not believe in luck but i believe in fate.... & faith, char!

oh well, someday, if you wish & pray for it you'll get it.

japanese are generally respectful but they really don't speak english. unless you talk w/ professionals. but the people you talk in combinis or on the streets don't speak enslish so a basic nihonggo is important so u won't get lost.

It's good to know that @u@

*goes studying nihonggo seriously* Someday for sure! X)

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