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a sizzling night with okura
tatsu nips
ops... sorry for misleading you ;xD.. i also thought it was true.. but at least i had the best time of my life staying at this hotel. just wanna share everything okura branded.  and i'm looking forward to more nights in here and at any other okura bed around the world.

i just didn't enter this place... looks inviting though.

tacchon, you don't need a towel ... no towels for you.

for the tatsu museum

i forgot to bring the stirrer ...

to keep me  and tacchon safe from bad elements... lolz..

just like a wedding photo shoot (gawd! i miss this harajuku butterfly ring that i lost)

dear tatsu ,,,,

ehm sure tacchon tastes better than this.... thirst quenching but leaves you wanting for more

even the ref has no escape

and this ...

hanging out w/ tacchon

to walk with tacchon is .....

ahhh, they should pay me for marketing them.... but then again... they're lucky that tacchon is so high up in the market...

a view from my okura bed. this scene somehow rips my heart. i miss kobe!

and the night scene is even more beautiful



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Wow...i've seen those hotels around and wondered what they're like..thank you so much for sharing the're really photogenic too! nice to spend a night, minute, hell second with Tacchon ♥

welcome & thanks too ... yah right, spending the night with everything named okura is is is... simply amazing

Mmmm...I'd rather spend the night WITH Okura but's just as good I'm thinking XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

wait.... your icon... bhjgytfvfdsgnkj
from where is that? i forgot if i've seen it....

XDDDD it's from the calendar...omg...SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!!! :)

awwwwaw really??? agh it's too late to buy the calendar now. amf... more nude tacchon pics next time. i can just imagine a big half naked okura photo on my wall. amf!

You can still get the calendar I think..? Maybe through YesAsia?
It wasn't a big enough picture of him though...I would've liked one the size of the posters from the tour goods :)

hmm, yah but several months have already passed. i can't use the calendar for 1 year. lolz.... anyhoo, i'll wait for next year. & yeah the real posters are better.

I love the butterfly ring!!! @.@
And that scene... wonder how it looks like at night^^
YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! *goes to book a room 8D*

oh geez thanks! that ring broke my heart.uhuhuhu. i must've lost it before the puzzle con. hope i can still find the same one in harajuku.

i added the nigt scene. forgot how important it was.

apply for membership in their hotel first.

As expected of Japan! The night scenes are always a treat 8D
And the lights dramatically reflecting on the water was ♥

yeah, but that's kobe. kobe would always look beautiful.
i fell in love w/ it. but tokyo would just be lights & buildings. save for little bodies of water though.

ohhh i remember WE have Okura hotel here in Holland XDDD

oh yeah i read that they have one in holland also.
too bad i didn't know about it when i went there last january.
where r u in holland? i stayed @ damrak when i was there. love your place!

oh? last jan? like last year right? sorry my brain not fully working hhahaha XDD

my place WAY too far from amsterdam if goin by train takes me 2 hours to go there XD
if u try google gorinchem then u will see what kind of my place is XDD

i dun like holland =/ living here sucks...
and im planning in future to move to hong kong hehe

jan.2009. oh well i think almost everyone doesn't like living at his/her own place while other people want to. hahah ironic.

why does living there suck? isn't life simple & laid back?

i just like that it's not that strict

oh hot dayum, i would steal every single thing in your hotel room xDDD

D=! i must ask, was there any bathrobes?!?!?!?! *evil smile*and you know what's up in my head xDD

ah-huh there were bathrobes of course & i even took photos of myself wearing it. (as always) ;xD

lucky! you were wearing okura when looking out at the night scenary of Kobe : (

weeeh! yah right okura under my skin.. amF!





shota backstage..... shota gone!!!

shota going far away fr nei ....

eyy.. have u read the latest OhYass yaoi fic? hahaha... di ako kilig! shota would always b tacchon's pesky li'l bro. i want tacchonXmaru !!!!!

SHOTAAAAAA <333333333


Hindi ako nagbabasa ng fic nila eh... nawweirduhan ako T____T Ang kaya ko lang basahin na fics Kaoru at Toshiya XDDD

Potek...ang dami palang gamit jan na may OKURA... nakakapraning!! XDDD

Senxa na po d ako makapag email masyado kasi d ko alam anu uunahin XDDD

hmmm.. kaoXtots 4ever... haha!

ayan tahimik na po c shota...

oo noh.. okura everywer talaga... my face is even branded "ökura"

for sure you'll update LJ first before spam. hehe!
ops, mind telling me how to get the codes for the banner? it's now ok you don't need to put more anymore to save your time.


Ate yen ok na yung lay out mo! eto ung codes

at eto preview!


senxa na po d pa rin ako nakakabili ng mouse eh >__< Kya d ko nalagyan masyado ung design T__T

bale sa customize lj make sure lang na SMOOTH SAILING ung lay out na gamit mo.. kahit anong kulay ok lng! then punta ka sa CSS codes nasa may gilid un... tapos paste mo lng ung contents ng notepad sa space sa css codes then same mo...tapos na hehehe

:O I want to go to one!

"hanging out w/ tacchon" GAHAHAAHAAAAA this made me chuckle :D

lolz.... just getting the feel of it

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