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a date with toma

hmm... last year i promised to go to this place when i'll be in japan. i even posted in toma's comms. and i recently awarded myself that pleasure. hope you gals could go there too, if you haven't ,,,


 i wanna live @ this place




to the ikuta ginja

dozo ....

toma's shrine

i just didn't take a photo of the ikuta police station ar the side... hehe...


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hey i remeber this place from a photoshoot! lol. im such a nerd.
i didnt know there was was ikuta place *sighs*
nice pics! tnx for sharing =]

teehee... welcome... what photoshoot was that?

Thanks for sharing this !!! You're awsome !

I didn't know there is Ikuta Road? I just know there is Yamashita Park since Toma has said in a show before .. must go to this place when i go to Japan .. where is this Ikuta Road? at Tokyo?

welcs! yup, ikuta road is on japan map. it's @ kobe. just near the kobe station. you have to walk across. anyway, if you have the osaka map, you just have to follow it.

amazingly, i think toma lives near yamashita park. uhuhu.. i just didn't get to roam around kanagawa to check where he lives. next time next time if time permits. ufufufu!

Wait is this a coincidence

Or is this road named after him?

well, sort of a coincidence that toma is an ikuta.

thanks for the info .. so this ikuta road at Kobe, osaka.

must take a look and take this pic like you one day .. heheh

and toma sure lives at yamashita park when he is young with his family and i'm not sure if he still ive with his family now or he just rent a house at tokyo to make him easier to go for work .. well, well what do you think?

i think toma still lives w/ his family @ kanagawa. he even mentioned in, was that wink up or his tomagoto that his brother rarely goes home recently. he was wondering if he has a girlfriend already.

Eh???!!! There's a place call Ikuta Road???!!! I don't even know this!!! OMG!!! O.O And there's a place call yamashita park too???!!! OMG!!!!

*Sorry for the 'blur' me here~*

I gotta really go there!!!
Thanks for sharing~! It must be fun ne~? ^^

hehe it's ok, you're welcome.

yep, it's really fun to be in those places with their names, if you can't see them personally. at least there's something that reminds u of them,


Yea~! At least it reminds us of them ne~?! ^^ I wish I could go there one day! >.

aw thank you thank you..choo sweet!

You're welcome! :D I love making Arashi icons. ♥

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