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the BIGBANG WINTER SONATA (stairway to heaven)
prince fujita


For my tomodachis who wondered why I suddenly got into the K-wave. Here’s a crash course on Bigbang:

- GD - G-dragon (real name: Kwon Jiyong); he was originally my ichiban; I loved him before I knew he’s Bigbang’s riida
- YB/ Taeyang (real name: Dong Yongbae); my current ichiban; I loved him before I knew he’s Bigbang’s main vocalist
- T.O.P. - (real name: Choi Seung Hyun); Bigbang’s rapper & Jayvee’s idol
- GDxYB were born on 1988 & T.O.P. on 1987. (I feel like Demi Moore now. Cougars rule!)
- GDxYB are like TezukaXOishi . (POT much)
- One of Bigbang’s choreographer is Filipino LA-based Shaun Evaristo. Shaun & his crew, Lyle Beniga danced with YB in his PV for “Where U At“. And the girl who’s been featured in YB’s & GD’s solos is a Pinay named Aimee Lucas. . So, I think …. I …. ehmmm… someday… (I’m sure I dance way better than Aimee … lol ..*atobe mode*)

Just a bulleted 2010 BIG SHOW concert reporto & some korea chuvahness … (esp. for JV)
I’m just freakin’ lazy to write a full blown blog & as of post time it’s now exactly 1 week after the show!

> I never thought I’d go to korea at such a short notice. But yeah, I did for the sake of Bigbang! Fufu! I’m now 90% Japanese & 10& Korean. Agh! Vaness wu, where are you?
Thanks, by the way, to Reina for the ticket!

> I survived 3 days in seoul, knowing only “änyeong haseyo” . & I never even used it. Not that they spoke English. For some unknown reason, I can comprehend people speaking in tongues.
> seoul’s subway is worse than Tokyo’s. agh! It’s even super full on Sundays! Only the airport AREX train is free from fafambala pax. & there are only few stations w/ escalators & elevators. A big luggage is a no-no.

> YG is better than Johnny’s. why? Coz they had a lot of fweebies. (imagining ryoma barney)
Free BB postahs from Fila. Free snacks (w/c I didn’t get coz the line was long & I thought I had to be in line for the venue earlier). Even free nappies for the ladies. Ahm, BB wants d ladies to stay fresh. $*&^#$*(%#( Free cotton candy too. It took me several minutes to realize why there was a cotton candy booth. Sorry Daesung! But I never got myself one. Erm, just don‘t wanna eat & drink more water before the show. And lastly, a Polaroid pictorial w/ d life size standees. Thanks Fuji(-kun) !

> I couldn’t imagine how the holders for the standing front sectors would stand in line outside. But I just got in line at exactly 1.5 hrs before 6pm. I then realized later that you can just get in line when everyone starts moving in coz they’ll have to arrange everyone according to ticket numbers anyway. Just make sure your sector hasn’t entered the hall yet.

> I thought the Olympic stadium is like Tokyo dome. But the big show was just at the Gymnastics hall. The leftmost & rightmost bleachers weren’t filled up anymore. C’mon YG, u can do better than that. Get the World cup stadium for Pete’s sake. Your boys have to fly higher.

> For someone who has watched a lot of JE concerts & has been to one personally, their stage just looked normal. But thank god, the boys dressed normally. OF COURSE, BIGBANG IS NOT A TYPICAL BOYBAND AFTER ALL. (in caps lock) No flamboyant costumes. No feathers. No sequins. No shining, shimmering splendid attires. They were just fashionably cute guys. That’s why I love Bigbang!

> One thing why I like Bigbang is the mere talent itself. It’s not an Ohno Satoshi ft. Sho Sakurai song when there are actually 5 guys singing. Nor an Okura band when there are 7 guys. I love the fact that a cappella wouldn’t hurt its own ego not to mention that they’re a hip hop/’R ‘n B boy band.

> For the life of me, I failed in remembering the whole set, much less take down notes. The intro had them come down from the ceiling via elevators. The stage design was just simple with a wide screen as backdrop while two screens were on either side of the stage. I just recently learned that YouJam Studio did their stage design & for other artists’ concerts too.

> For the intro, they wore formal attires with black pants, black inner shirt & white blazers in different cuts. In full Kabaji mode, I forgot the first song. FAILED! But then again, I won’t talk about the set list as some fans have already written about it. All I remember was the MC after that. Since my YB was at the middle, he was the one put on the big, middle screen (as usual). Just there, silently standing. *^#$*^#@( …agh! (Tacchon is that you?) Of course, the serious & calm Taeyang that was once a bubbly kid. I never understood what they were talking about but Daesung was talking baka & I thought for one instant they were teasing T.O.P.

> My neck was hurting from trying to stretch it far up just to see the boys on the main stage. YouJam, I hope next time you’ll construct an elevated platform on the main stage for the benefit of those on the standing sectors. I’m imagining something like what Maverick DC did during JITB. A stage higher than the audience’s normal height would be much better. (ops, sorry, technical director speaking..fufu) Nevertheless, sectors 10 or 11 was the best place if not 5 or 6. I was in sector 10 but a bit at the middle & not near the stage’s edge. And because I was there (Atobe mode), sector 10 was the best. 90% of all formations had Taeyang in the middle as usual. So during their first center stage perf, he was the first one to walk towards us. *$^#*%#(@%))#%@ kyaaaa! My ichiban right in front of my naked eyes. I have wished for him to take off his shirt. Amf! But I guess, it would take a solo con for you to do that, huh. & again, because I was in sector 10, GD was on YB’s right. Agh, right in front of me! & TOP ? Yes, he was on YB’s left. #%&#@^@#%@() DROOLS on the floor. Fangurls were pushing each other and as much as I want to scream, nothing came out from mah poor vocal chords. I guess mother nature has her way of protecting my innocent body parts.

> Taeyang did his moon walk & my voice was still in shock for all I did was stare at him. GD looked so innocent and thin beside TOP & YB. Lol! Sorry fangurls, I wouldn’t be able to mention much about Daesung & Seung-ri.

> The solos started and Seung-ri went first as far as I can remember. Too bad, YB did his solo on the second stage far from me. How dare he! T.O.P. did his angst song sans the baseball bat-smashing-the-phone booth-glass effect from last year. Buuuut … in the end… he played the harmonica! And so now Jayvee, I’ll really start playing my harmonica after 22 years of its existence. I’ve been wondering where he got his voice. It’s unlike the hardcore vocalists from
J-rock or US underground rock/hiphop. I just realized later on that he reminds me of my fave Ja-Rule. Well, just relating something. He also unveiled his PV for his latest song “Turn it up”. I  just learned that his fave toy Be@rbrick was in that PV. Aww TOP, what I liked about that PV was you in the coffee mug. *drinks more coffee*

> I think YGs technical director has a lot to learn from Johnny’s. Well, not that the Olympic hall can compare to Tokyo dome or Kyocera. Or that YG’s tech director isn’t as gay as JE is. Or that YG is as gay as Johnny. There were fireworks from the ceiling anyway, and a few rope stunts. I believe it was on the second set that they tried to fly. The time when I fell in love with TOP’s look (sorry Jayvee) that I forgot YB was in front of me. TOP was wearing a green trench coat, like the one from Iris’ Ep. 7. I noticed a cane suspended on air & wondered why he was approaching it. And behold, with 1 hand, he grasped it and the suspension wires dragged him to the bleacher audience on his right. “Öh TOP, don’t fall please. Jayvee’s gonna kill me.“ A sudden TOP concern shocked me that I fail to notice YB rising on the crane in front of me. Gyaaaaaaaa! The crane was hovering on top of me that I never really had a chance to catch a glimpse on GD doing the same thing as TOP on the other side of the hall. But composed as he usually is, YB was just waving & smiling. Agh, the famous 3 in front. Daesung & Seung-ri went to the bleachers and shook hands with the audience. So much was going on with YB on top of me, erm, on the crane, and T.O.P. coming down from his short flight that I failed to notice his MASK. THE MASK. Sorry JV! The black studded mask was on his chin all along and I only saw it up close for a minute or less. He even made a “high five” with the girl in front of the stage. Amf, if it was me, I would’ve pulled him down the stage and smothered him.

> oh, I almost forgot. Before the 2nd set, Sandara & 2NE1 performed 2 songs & a bit of MC. Sandara’s voice still doesn’t impress me. She really can’t sing.

> I really failed in remembering all the songs, but the experience was worth it. As i said in an earlier post, seeing YB, GD & T.O.P within arms reach was amazing. Now, if YB just took off his shirt…. Tsk! Tsk! But at least I saw his muscles up close. And he shaved his armpit!

> & lastly… korea is no BL country. & I’ve already forgotten the days when I like seeing a guy & a girl makeout on screen. Girls paired with my ichibans are pure fuss. Can YB be as open as GD? Or does GD wiping Seung-ri’s face count? Well, if they’ll do that in Japan next week, it
would be a winner. YBxGDxT.O.P. would be epic win!

@ Jayvee, i was supposed to buy a T.O.P. double faced keychain for you. But then again i thought, you wouldn't buy it coz it was too fangirly. I didn't think you'll place TOP on your bag. But ops, i was wrong. i exchanged it with YB instead coz i already paid for it & explaining to obachan why i want my money back would be korean hairbleed.
That flower light thingy is actually a flashlight. The headlamp cover is just shaped like a flower with a BIGBANG insignia.
Agh fangurl lost to fanboy ~~ *:D

i finally found these boys after the concert.

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